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An alliance for a brighter future


Angela Allemand

Designer Graphique

Martin Ashton-Lomax

Développeur Web

Taonga Jumbe Hezekiah Banda

Développeur Web

Colwin Egenolf

Motion Designer

Lucie Fiore


Carina Freire


Cyril Gautreau

Chef de projet & Conseil environnement

Raphaël Haab

Designer Multimédia

Emilie Karsegård

Web Designer

Bérénice Milon

Illustratrice & Designer Graphique

Laurent Monnet

Designer Graphique

Kathleen Morf

Designer Graphique

Bruno Mottini

Designer Graphique

Athénaïs Python

Journaliste Multimédia

William Rey

Community Manager

Nicolas Berger

Infographiste 3D & Web Designer


Our mission

EcoVisuel was founded in 2010, when the Swiss Confederation adopted Agenda 21.

Our main objective is to promote responsible communication as a means to achieve sustainable development. We encourage responsible ways of communication through our agency’s offer of services as well as through conferences, workshops and other actions aimed at raising awareness. We are committed, together with our partners, to bringing a significant positive change to society.

l'Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a global action plan for the 21st century, signed by 178 heads of state during the UN Earth Summit of Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Agenda 21 outlined different objectives related to the environment such as reducing global warming, the protection of biodiversity, the empowerment of communities, strengthening cooperation, promoting a dignified standard of life and encouraging sustainable modes of production and consumption.

MyClimate Label

Following to the principle “avoid, reduce, compensate”, EcoVisuel remedies its emissions by supporting carbon offset projects.

EcoVisuel’s activity contributes to climate protection. CO2 emissions that are not immediately reduced are offset by supporting projects of the Swiss Foundation MyClimate. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, the projects supported by EcoVisuel help to preserve the Jura forest and create a habitat for endangered species such as the Bacchantes, the Alpine Rosalie and wildcats.


Our mission is to promote a sustainable future.
Each member of EcoVisuel adheres to the AFD Chart of EcoDesigners
For over 10 years, our team contribute every day in achieving these three objectives:


To promote sustainability, EcoVisuel offers communication services made with minimal environmental impact: ecological papers, vegetable-based inks, green servers, etc.

By encouraging teleworking notably, EcoVisuel limits the use of energy, both for the offices and for the transportations.


EcoVisuel contribute in the circular economy and offering accessible prices, within the reach of its various partners.

By choosing its partners, EcoVisuel participates in the economy of proximity and sharing. EcoVisuel offers flexible fees to adapt to different partners, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit from sustainable communication and contribute to achieving the  17 Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG’s).


EcoVisuel is committed to contributing to the strengthening of social solidarity.

Social solidarity is an essential pillar in building a more inclusive and harmonious society. By working with young people at the end of their schooling, senior workers and people wishing to re-enter the job market, making EcoVisuel a lifelong learning environment built around exchange.